About me

I always knew I was going to be a writer.  As a child, I wrote long Narnia-esque stories that I would read aloud to my class at school. As a student, I wrote poetry about the state of the world and the human condition.  I then made writing my living – starting with advertising and moving on very quickly from there into freelance writing for charities and non-profit organisations.


But once it was a job, writing wasn't nearly as much fun. I met deadlines – but I struggled to make the time and energy to do any creative writing. I went on to train as a counsellor; I had my own private practice and still continued with the  writing work.


Then, through a stroke of luck, I got involved teaching creative writing classes. It was wonderful to see people finding their own voices, gaining confidence in themselves and their writing. I envied them! So I enrolled in a writing course at the University of Sussex.

At last! I started writing my first novel, The Gift of Looking Closely. Now it's out in the world and I am working on my second book.